Cell Culture Dish Top Ten Ask the Expert Sessions and Podcasts of 2016

By on February 9, 2017
Ask the Expert

I have compiled a list of our top ten Cell Culture Dish “Ask the Expert” and Podcast Sessions for 2016. Here are the top sessions in alphabetical order.

Ask the Expert – 3D Bioprinting as a tool for Drug Discovery and Cell Therapy Applications

This Ask the Expert discussion was on “3D Bioprinting – Enabling Drug Discovery and Development and Cell Based Therapies”. During this Ask the Expert session, we discussed 3D bioprinting applications in the present and future. Specific topics included cell morphology, cell viability, reproducibility, dispensing techniques, bio ink properties with applications including printing tissues, printing organs and drug discovery methods.

Ask the Expert – Airway Modeling using Advanced 3D Systems for Epithelial Cell Culture

This Ask the Expert discussion was on “Culturing epithelial cells using advanced 3D culture systems for airway modeling.” During this Ask the Expert session, we discussed the use of 3D epithelial cell culture models in airway modeling, cell types that can be used in this system, disease modeling, high throughput options, imaging solutions, and ALI culture vs. sphere culture. In addition specific questions regarding epithelial cell culture included freeze and thaw techniques, cilla development, and examining mucus production and associated proteins…

Ask the Expert – Evaluating Plastic Film for Single-Use Technologies in Biomanufacturing

This Ask the Expert discussion was on Considerations in evaluating new plastic film for single-use technologies and film development. During this Ask the Expert session, we discussed film selection topics including partnering with suppliers to select and develop industry applicable films, leak resistance, shelf life, films for vaccine manufacturing, and films when lipids are present in media. Other topics included extractables and leachables testing, risk assessments, scaling up or transitioning to single use, film standardization.

Ask the Expert – Improving Glycosylation Patterns and Consistency Through Media Optimization

This Ask the Expert discussion was on , “Media Optimization Can Improve Glycosylation Patterns and Consistency to Impact Protein Efficacy”. During this Ask the Expert session, we discussed factors that influence glycosylation, the relationship between media and glycosylation, and the effect of glycosylation on the protein. Additional topics included glycosylation in biosimilars, glycoengineering, other post-translational modifications and protein aggregation…

Ask the Expert – Improving Protein Productivity in CHO Biomanufacturing using Media Supplementation

This Ask the Expert discussion was on “How to Improve Protein Productivity Through Scale Up, Including Single-Use Bioreactors”. During this Ask the Expert session, we discussed improving protein productivity in CHO biomanufacturing through the addition of a defined supplement/feed. Specific topics included adding lipids, purification, glycosylation profiles, and impact on CHO cell lines, transfection pools, MDCK lines and HEK cell lines.

Ask the Expert – Non-Invasive Stem Cell Characterization and Predicting Differentiation using Luminex Assays

This Ask the Expert discussion was on “Ask the Expert – Using Luminex Technology to Non-Invasively Monitor Stem Cell Differentiation”. During this Ask the Expert session, we discussed methods for characterizing stem cells and predicting differentiation. Specific topics included using the proteome profiler and Luminex multi-analyte assays, effects of media ingredients on secretion profiles, confirming pluripotency, and improving differentiation success...

Ask the Expert – Pancreatic Progenitor Cells – High Efficiency Differentiation and Generation

This Ask the Expert discussion was on Differentiating Human ES and iPS Cells to Pancreatic Progenitor Cells. During this Ask the Expert session, we discussed the steps involved in differentiation of ES and iPSCs to pancreatic progenitor cells. Specific topics included generated diseased induced pluripotent stem cell lines, evaluating differentiation potential, using a kit vs. published protocols, methods for confirming differentiation, and starting confluence…

Ask the Expert – Real Time IgG Titer Measurement Enables PAT (Process Analytical Technology) Implementation

This Ask the Expert discussion was on “Measuring IgG Titer: Need for Real-Time Results, Customization and High Comparability to HPLC.” During this Ask the Expert session, we discussed strategies for at line IgG titer measurement, comparison of this method with HPLC, customizing the IgG assay and at-line testing for perfusion culture. Other topics included the ability to measure multiple parameters and operation details…

Automated Stem Cell Based High Throughput Drug Screening for ALS and Parkinson’s Disease

In this podcast, we interviewed Dr. Jan Bruder about his work at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biology in Münster Germany and his group’s use of automated high throughput drug screening program for ALS and Parkinson’s Disease.

Cell Culture Media Optimization – It’s about more than just high protein titer

In this podcast, we interviewed Dr. Adam Elhofy, Ph.D., CSO, Essential Pharmaceuticals, about cell culture media optimization. We discussed the evolution of cell culture media optimization, current goals, and the latest strategies and tools being used.

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