Jellagen Jellyfish Collagen Liquid, Dried and 3D Hydrogel
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Jellagen Pty Ltd
Jellagen is a manufacturer of next generation collagen derived from Jellyfish. It is a non-mammalian source that provides a best in class biomaterial for growing cells in 2D and 3D culture in a physiologically relevant scaffold.
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Non-Animal Origin (NAO) Recombinant proteins
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Richcore Lifesciences Pvt Ltd
Non-Animal Origin (NAO) Recombinant proteins for Stem cell, Regenerative Medicine research and biomanufacturing (vaccine and Insulin)
A brief understanding of DNA synthesis
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DNA synthesis (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is a process by which duplicates or copies of nucleic acid tresses are made. Naturally, DNA synthesis takes place inside cells by a natural mechanism which is called as DNA replication. Using genetic engineering and enzyme chemistry, scientists have developed man-made methods to synthesize DNA.
Multi-Mode Mimetic Ligand™ Library
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Prometic Bioseparations
Prometic Bioseparations Ltd (PBL) has developed a multi-mode Mimetic Ligand™ library in a 96-micro column block format (PuraPlate™) that can be screened in chromatographic (flow-through) mode.

The library comprises a diverse array of stable synthetic ligands attached to a high-flow agarose support. The ligands incorporate combinations of functional binding groups including anionic and cationic groups, polar groups, apolar groups and other specific chemical functionalities, all of which have been pre-selected on the basis of their proven ability to interact with proteins.
Affinity Adsorbents
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Prometic Bioseparations
Prometic Bioseparations Ltd has long been established as an expert in affinity chromatography and bioseparations, specifically the large-scale purification of proteins (native and recombinant) and the elimination of contaminants including pathogens.
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