Allegro™ Microcarrier Delivery System: Streamline Processes, Increase Productivity

As microcarriers gain momentum as the standard for production of large number of adherent cell types, whether for vaccine or cellular therapeutics, novel tools and approaches for the delivery of microcarriers into single-use bioreactors and conventional system continue to evolve.

The Allegro Microcarrier Delivery System (AMDS) – a sterile, ready-to-use system from Pall Life Sciences – is trailblazing the path forward. The AMDS offers closed-system addition of microcarriers to bioreactors or other cell culture vessels. Provided with weldable tubing, the customization of connectors on AMDS is limitless and can be tailored to any manufacturing site unique needs, allowing for plug and play capabilities in manufacturing suites. Employing the AMDS helps to eliminate the hassles of carting equipment in and out of clean environments and the time and effort to run sterilization equipment. The ready-to-use system is provided with sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6 and comes pre-packaged with SoloHill® microcarriers – completely removing the requirement for messy and time consuming hydration and autoclaving. Bioreactor setup time is also significantly reduced. With a dedicate media line in and microcarrier line out, the addition of an AMDS is as simple as splicing a traditional media line, in a reactor set up, with an AMDS. Provided gamma-irradiated with customized microcarrier fills, scientists can ignore the minutia and focus on the research, therapies and patients’ lives they impact.

The AMDS, made with Pall Life Science’s tried and tested Allegro film, and has been successfully used to culture Vero and mesenchymal stem cells to densities greater than 106 cells/mL. The AMDS is offered in a variety of biocontainer sizes for laboratory, process development, and manufacturing scales. The AMDS promises to improve results and reduce costs by improving microcarrier weight accuracy and eliminating contaminations that can stem from microcarrier additions.  For more information, visit us at

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