3D Bioreactor Platform Provides Increased Process Control and Throughput for Spheroid and Organoid Generation and Culture

The ClinoStar system by CelVivo is a 3D bioreactor platform developed to address the technology gap for 3D cultures. The technology is based on the clinostat principle also referred to as a simulated microgravity system. A clinostat, (ClinoStar), and a rotating bioreactor (ClinoReactor) provides a scaffold-free culture environment that keep the cells suspended by exerting gravitation forces on the cells from all sides. This enables the generation of large numbers of uniform spheroids or organoids using very low shear forces while facilitating gas and nutrient exchange. The system is equipped with cameras for ease of real-time monitoring throughout the culture period. Combined with tablet-enabled control of culture parameters like temperature, CO2 and rotational speed enables enhanced process control. In addition, the closed system design mitigates contamination risk....Continued

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