Upstream Manufacturing of Gene Therapy Viral Vectors

There has been a continued shift to the use of fixed bed bioreactors over conventional flatware culture for adherent cells. Fixed bed bioreactors, such as the iCELLis bioreactor, provide a route to increased scale of production up to 500L and a quicker route to market.39 Their use has been enabling for the industry as they can and move production away from an unmanageable number of flatware vessels into a single bioreactor.
There are also advancements in medium scale transfection methods up to 60-70L. There is greater understanding of the large-scale transfection process as gentle mixing and delivering DNA rapidly to the cell within a few minutes are critical parameters.39 New pump and mixing technology has allowed transfection at some increased scale, without a loss of productivity.39 Challenges remain for larger multi-hundred liter scale.
In summary, we see continued advancement and growth in an emerging industry that now has several approved therapeutics on the market and a bright future....Continued

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