Announcing the New & Improved Cell Culture Dish

The Cell Culture Dish covers areas important to the application, development, and regulatory approval of mammalian cell culture processes and products. This includes biomanufacturing, vaccines, cell culture media and equipment, regenerative medicine, cord blood stem cells, cellular therapy, cell-based assays, diagnostic antibodies, life science research, and related applications of cell culture.

Today we are launching a newly redesigned version of the Cell Culture Dish that allows for more content, enhances organization of material, and provides a better experience for our readers. The Cell Culture Dish’s content is now arranged into easily navigable categories, which should allow readers to focus on their areas of interest. The redesign has also permitted the addition of a video section, a poster and presentations section, and coming soon—an events section.

New Features

  • Video Section: The blog will now house cell culture related videos and will often provide related media content for our blogs. We are also looking for video submissions from our readers.
  • Poster and Presentations Sections: Readers can post their scientific posters and presentations before and after conferences, and these valuable scientific resources will be searchable and found on the Dish. Readers can submit posters and presentations in PDF format to be considered for the section.
  • Monthly Summary Blog: The blog will highlight all newly added posters, presentations, and videos, so readers can stay current on new website additions.
  • Events Page (Coming Soon): It is often difficult to find a list of cell culture conferences in one place. It can take several different searches or visits to different conference provider pages to track down a conference of interest. The Cell Culture Dish is hoping to solve this issue, by providing a listing of cell culture conferences and we will welcome submissions on any we may have missed.

Social Media

  • New LinkedIn Group (Cell Culture Dish): We have connected the Cell Culture Dish to Facebook, Twitter, and have begun a new LinkedIn Group to post current blogs and promote further discussion of topics covered on the Dish. We also encourage comments on our individual blog posts as a way to further discussion.

We hope that these changes provide more information and an improved experience on our website. We strive to cover the latest technologies, products, and news items that are important to the Cell Culture Industry. Our goal is to build a community for cell culture scientists and others involved in biotechnology to share expertise and best practices, as well as, discuss topics of interest. Please take a tour of the new website.


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