ATMI’s Helium Integrity Testing (HIT) system

ATMI’s helium integrity testing (HIT™) system has been causing a real buzz at this year’s INTERPHEX trade show, the HIT platform fits directly into ATMI’s continued stance as advocates for the single-use industry. First launched in 2010 as an in-house add-on testing service for the company’s 2-D bioprocess vessels and manifolds, the HIT system has evolved to the next level. It is now being offered in multiple formats: either as add-on testing for the full line of ATMI 2-D and 3-D vessels, or as a point-of-use-system to customers for implementation in their own facilities.

The HIT platform is now commercially available for testing bags and manifolds from 1L through to 200L,” said Mario Philips, senior vice president and general manager of ATMI Life Sciences. “We have had positive feedback from customers so far, and are hearing that they want this technology fully scaled. As such, we have projects in the works to ultimately scale the HIT system to support testing of up to 1,000L.”

The HIT platform adds an extra level of security to process operations. The bags and manifolds can be tested right at the customer site—before use. For processes where the product value can easily run into hundreds of thousands of dollars, this is really important.

“The HIT system gives much more sensitivity than standard pressure decay testing,” commented Vishwas Pethe, Research Engineer at ATMI LifeSciences. “As one of the original engineers working on this project, it has been very fulfilling to advance it based on customer input. The HIT technology is unmatched in the market—not only do we provide customers with the chance to test both the bags and the manifolds, but we also give them the ability to test for defects as small as 10µm. This level of detection is critical to ensuring the sterility of a bag.”

The full press release on ATMI’s HIT platform can be found by clicking here.

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