Check out The Cell Culture Dish’s New Look!

At Cell Culture Dish, we are always listening to our readers and working to create content that is interesting and relevant. We also strive to create a website that is well organized and allows readers to find blogs that are of interest to them.

We had recently received some comments from readers who expressed a desire to have the content organized specifically by reader interest. In response to these comments, we have updated our website’s navigation to represent five major content areas:

  • Upstream Bioprocessing
  • Downstream Bioprocessing
  • Stem Cells
  • Vaccine Manufacturing
  • Industry Issues

By clicking on a content area, readers will be able to see all blogs related to that topic. We are hoping that these changes will quickly and easily allow readers to focus on the blogs that are most applicable and interesting to them.

The home page will continue to run all articles regardless of content area, and will serve as a good place to see all the most recent blogs.

We hope you like the new design, please keep the comments coming, we appreciate your feedback!

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