Biostage is a biotechnology company developing bioengineered organ implants to treat congenital defects, cancers and other life-threatening conditions of the esophagus, bronchus and trachea.

The company’s novel Cellframe™ technology is engineered to stimulate the body’s signaling pathways and natural healing process to regenerate and restore organ function. Our Cellframe technology is based on over 20 years of scientific progress in the fields of tissue engineering, cell biology and material science. Cellframe technology combines the best attributes of a synthetic scaffold with tissue engineering and cell biology to create what may be a revolutionary method of addressing organ damage.

Biostage has been developing its new generation of organ implants as a platform capable of being used in the esophagus and main airways (trachea and bronchi). The current platform, based on our Cellframe technology, represents a complete re-engineering of our earlier organ scaffold and cell technology to better stimulate the regenerative properties of each of these organs. Biostage’s Cellframe technology platform is used to create organ specific Cellspan implants. Recent large animal data showed promising results as our Cellframe technology applied to the esophagus achieved the regeneration of esophageal tissue.

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