Dr. Adam Crowe

Adam Crowe manages a multi-discipline team at Precision NanoSystems ULC (part of Cytiva) tasked with developing novel analytical assays related to lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) and nanomaterials for drug delivery. During his tenure, Adam has garnered broad expertise over the 50+ unique LNP compositions manufactured at Precision NanoSystems in analyzing particle payloads, excipients (such as lipids), physiochemical characteristics and in vitro potency. Notably, Adam and his team have increasingly leveraged cutting-edge technologies, such as LC-MS approaches, to tackle the complexities of LNP characterization. Additionally, Adam is the technical lead for ASTM’s guide document on analytical methodologies for RNA LNPs, a comprehensive document drafted by leaders in industry, academia and regulatory bodies outlining best analytical practices for the LNP field.

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