Bert Frohlich, Ph.D.

Bert Frohlich is a Ph.D. biochemical engineer with over 25 years of experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries; he has been consulting through his own company, Biopharm Designs LLC, for the last four years. Although most of his experience is in the biopharmaceutical CMC space, he served most recently as Vice President of Engineering and Commercialization at BlueNalu Inc., a startup company in the new cell-based meat area. Before becoming a consultant, he held director-level positions at Shire, Amgen, EMD, and Acambis (now Sanofi) and worked as a senior engineer at Genzyme, Biometics, and Roche in process/facility design, bioprocess development, and manufacturing technical services. Over the course of his career, Bert introduced a variety of products to manufacturing through the scale-up and tech transfer of cell culture and other processes. In addition to advising on strategic direction in process and manufacturing technology, he now also helps clients design and implement high-level business processes, including cost modeling and quality-by-design, towards improving work efficiency, costs, timelines, and product quality.

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