Erin Hall, M.S.

Erin M. Hall, M.S., is Director of Cell Line Authentication Services, Genetica DNA Laboratories, LabCorp Specialty Testing Group. Erin received a master’s degree in Forensic Science from Pace University in New York City and a bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology from the College of Mount Saint Joseph in Cincinnati, Ohio. Prior to joining Genetica, Erin worked as a laboratory manager and researcher in the Pharmacology department at Cornell University’s Weill Cornell Medical College. She designed and executed complex experiments that examined the effects of environmental toxins on liver enzyme production utilizing HPLC, UV/vis spectroscopy, Western blot, and PCR analysis. Her work contributed to several published journal papers (under Erin Labitzke), most recently including being cited as first author on a paper related to enzymes present in mitochondria.

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