Henrik Ihre, PhD

Henrik Ihre has his roots in biopharma, leadership and product development for the biopharma downstream industry in specific. He is motivated by bringing new solutions to the market enabling the invention and manufacturing of new pharmaceuticals for patients developed by partners of Cytiva.

He’s been the Director of Strategic Technologies since March 2020 with a specific knowledge and background in the Downstream purification of biopharmaceuticals since 20 years back in time.

Henrik joined legacy Amersham Pharmacia Biotech in August 2000, following its acquisition by GE Healthcare in 2004. His career has been devoted to the design and development of several purification products enabling the manufacturing of life changing drugs on the market.  Henrik started as a Senior Scientist in the R&D chromatography resin department and later transferred into the role of Product Manager for several key products such as the Protein A portfolio. For more than ten year he headed and expanded the custom consumables organization offering customization within segments such as Chromatography resins, Ready To Process columns, Small scale pre-packed columns and Primer supports for oligo synthesis. During his time in the custom consumable’s organization more than 30 key products where brought to the market which now are a part of the Cytiva downstream offering. The year with the custom consumables organization gave valuable insight to the key elements of product design and development and also gave an excellent opportunity to develop a broad network within the biopharma customer community and better understand their needs.

His journey started in Sweden with a Ph.D. in synthetic organic polymer chemistry from the Royal Academy of Engineering (KTH) in 1998. After his graduate studies he spent two years as a Post Doc graduate at UC Berkeley in California, USA working on improved drug delivery systems of cytotoxins before he moved back to Sweden in 2000 joining legacy Amersham Pharmacia Biotech. Henrik is a Swedish citizen living in Stockholm working from the Cytiva office in Uppsala.

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