Jennifer Chain, Ph.D.

Dr. Jennifer Chain is an experimental immunologist with primary expertise in cell isolation, cell culture, and flow cytometry. Jennifer began her scientific career nearly 22 years ago and has worked in academic research, biotechnology, consulting, and non-profit research and development. Her graduate work at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center focused on human thymocyte developmental checkpoints. In her postdoctoral fellowships at National Jewish Health and University of Colorado Denver, she worked on γδ T cell activation and function then on memory T cell responses in autoimmune and clinical lung disorders. Following her academic training, Dr. Chain worked to develop new diagnostic testing panels at a biotech start-up company in Oklahoma before starting her own independent R&D consulting firm. Through this consulting firm, Experimental Solutions, Dr. Chain helped clients design experiments, develop testing, analyze data, train staff, and write publications, grant applications, technical marketing documents, and standard operating procedures. This led directly to her current position at the Oklahoma Blood Institute (OBI), where she serves at the Scientific Director of R&D. Dr. Chain is responsible for leading the development of new blood- and cell-based products and contract research and manufacturing services for the cell therapy industry. Dr. Chain assists with partners’ cancer research projects, performs research to identify alternative sources of cells that can be used in cell therapies, manufactures a stem cell-derived treatment being tested in clinical trials, and is developing cell culture support products derived from salvaged blood components. Dr. Chain is also a consultant and liaison from OBI to the cell therapy industry to custom develop products and services for industry partners and to educate the industry on the many ways non-profit community blood centers can promote the development of cell therapies.

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