Jose Castillo, Ph.D

Jose Castillo transitioned into his role as Director of Cell Culture Technologies for Pall Life Sciences during the December 2013 acquisition of ATMI LifeSciences. Before this time, Jose was one of the original founders and acting CTO at Artelis, which ATMI LifeSciences acquired in November 2010.

Throughout his career, Jose has been heavily entrenched in development aspects for “process intensification” in disposable bioreactors and related processes for vaccine and antibody applications, as well as for the expansion of stem cells.

Prior to founding Artelis, Jose worked as the Manager of Viral Vaccine Industrialization for GSK Biologicals. He has a general background in Chemical Engineering, including a Ph.D in Applied Sciences from the Université libre de Bruxelles, and an entrepreneurship degree from the Solvay Business School.

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