Dr. Rick Morris

Since joining the company in 2002, Dr. Rick Morris has dedicated his extensive experience in the biopharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage and laboratory markets to many senior-level positions within the Life Sciences and Industrial divisions of Pall Corporation. In September 2017, he was appointed as senior vice president of R&D for Pall Biotech with responsibility for continued integration of the traditional and single-use portfolios, and a specific focus on making continuous bioprocessing advances. In this role, Dr. Morris guides the internal and external research and development projects of teams in the USA, UK and Belgium.

Dr. Morris came to Pall as part of the FSG acquisition from Vivendi/USFilter/Memtec Ltd, where he had worked on membrane hollow fibers at Memtec, Australia. During his early career, he was GM and sales director specialized in membrane for medical diagnostics and microelectronics, later advancing to President and GM of the Fluid Dynamics Division producing fine metallic media for polymer, aerospace and ink jet applications. Prior to this Dr. Morris worked at MediSense Inc on electrochemical biosensors for glucose diabetes and Courtaulds PLC on polymers and coatings.

Dr. Morris earned a PhD in Polymer Science and Biotechnology from Leeds Metropolitan University, UK with an affinity adsorbents/chromatography specialty, where he also completed his undergraduate work on color chemistry and polymer science. His Executive MBA is from San Diego State University, CA, USA, and he is a frequent contributor to the industry with 22 published patents and numerous published papers.

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