Rui Tostoes, PhD

Dr. Tostoes has extensive experience in early stage device and process development for Cell Therapy manufacturing. In previous work, he has cultured human primary and stem cells in bioreactors, developed a new filtration device for cell washing, and worked on a cell manufacturing process for Phase I trials. While at the Center for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine in Toronto, Dr. Tostoes was the technical lead in bioreactor process development, and worked with both human pluripotent stem cell culture and new inline sensor technologies for Cell Therapy culture. Currently, he leads the Cell Therapy process development at FloDesign Sonics in Co-Development agreements with Cell Therapy customers. He has performed studies in other bioprocess unit operations, including cryopreservation and using high throughput and scale down methodologies. Dr. Tostoes received his PhD in bioengineering from Nova University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and did his post doctoral work in Biochemical Engineering at University College, London.

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