Ph.D. Séverine Fagète

Séverine joined Selexis in December 2015 to lead the Cell Line Development, the Bioprocess and the Analytics Departments. In her role, she ensures the continuous generation of high-performance stable cell lines, including recombinant protein characterization. Séverine also works on providing scale-down bioreactor data using Ambr® 15 to facilitate the transfer to CMOs.

Séverine earned her PhD in protein engineering from a private company, Novimmune, where she focused on the generation of broad-spectrum chemokine inhibitors by using directed mutagenesis, phage display isolation, functional characterization and epitope mapping. She subsequently held a postdoctoral position at the University of Geneva (CH, Prof. Hartley’s group) where she designed a novel phage display platform for accelerating bispecific antibody development.

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