Stacy Holdread

Stacy Holdread is a Staff Scientist in the BD Biosciences Advanced Bioprocessing R&D group with almost 25 years of experience in mammalian and microbial media design and manufacture. Stacy worked on microbial media optimization and peptone development at Difco Laboratories for three years prior to joining the BD cell culture team. She has helped to establish BD’s mammalian cell culture media design program which is focused on the development of media, feeds, supplements, and processes for bioproduction applications. Stacy also played a key role in establishing BD’s scalable manufacturing process which encompasses product development, piloting, and GMP production. In addition to her product development responsibilities, Stacy continues to manage BDAB’s technical transfer process and provides technical manufacturing support. Stacy received her BS in Biology from the University of Michigan and her MS in Biotechnology from the Johns Hopkins University.

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