From Gene Synthesis to Plasmid DNA at Market-Leading Speed

Molecular biology techniques, including de novo gene synthesis and plasmid DNA production, play crucial roles advancing biopharmaceutical research and development. Genes function as molecular blueprints, encoding specific proteins, while plasmids act as carriers, transporting these genes into host cells for expression. This gene expression mechanism is versatile and has widespread applications from identifying disease targets in drug discovery to the production of therapeutic proteins and viral vectors for gene therapy.

Synthesizing genes and plasmids can pose technical challenges that can impact experimental integrity. Several factors including gene length, plasmid size, sequence complexity, sequence accuracy, and codon optimization can affect the success of synthesis and the quality of the final product. Addressing these challenges requires a high of level expertise and technological know-how. Researchers often turn to molecular biology service providers like GenScript to obtain accurate and reliable gene synthesis and plasmid DNA production in order to achieve reliable outcomes.

GenScript’s New Upgraded Gene Synthesis and Plasmid DNA Preparation Services

As a pioneer and leader in gene synthesis technology with over 700,000 completed gene synthesis projects and cutting-edge facilities in China, the United States, and Singapore, GenScript offer top-quality gene synthesis, cloning, and plasmid DNA services to global researchers to further their research.

In their continuing efforts to meet (and exceed) industry needs, GenScript has recently upgraded both its Gene Synthesis and Plasmid DNA Preparation Services. The company has also launched the latest iteration of its online ordering platform, GenSmart™ 2.0. This upgraded all-in-one platform makes it easy to design and optimize gene sequences and plasmid constructs while also streamlining the process of obtaining quotes and placing orders. With delivery options as rapid as 72 hours, researchers can select the most suitable gene synthesis, cloning, and plasmid DNA preparation services for their intended use. Beyond the convenience of online ordering, GenSmart™ 2.0 is a place for researchers to connect and seek support from GenScript’s Ph.D. level experts.

Gene Synthesis Service

GenScript’s Gene Synthesis services are designed with downstream applications in mind, offering unparalleled top to bottom customizability with exceptional quality and industry-leading turnaround times. Their advanced DNA synthesis technology uses efficient gene design algorithms and sequence optimization that, combined with oligo synthesis and gene assembly processes, guarantees 100% sequence accuracy.

After uploading their nucleotide or amino acid sequences (Excel, CSV/TSV, or FASTA files), GenScript’s bioinformatics analysis API will assess the synthesis complexity and feasibility of your sequences. Users can then utilize Genscript’s online Codon Optimization tool to optimize the design of wild type or recombinant gene sequences to achieve higher protein expression in prokaryotic and mammalian systems. The algorithm that it utilizes is based on the “Population Immune Algorithm,” which integrates both population genetics and immunology theories. In this approach, more than 200 factors involved in gene expression, including GC content, codon usage and content index, RNase splicing sites, and cis-acting mRNA destabilizing motifs are screened and validated. A multifactor approach ensures all relevant factors in a target gene sequence are weighted appropriately to produce an optimized gene sequence that enhances the likelihood of producing functional and active proteins. GenSmart™ Codon Optimization has been successfully applied to more than 50 host organisms, including CHO, Human, E. coli, T cell, Yeast, and more. Optimized sequences can be easily ordered through GenSmart™ Instant Quote System or archived for future use.

Plasmid DNA Preparation Service

GenScript’s Plasmid DNA Preparation Service offers high-quality plasmid DNA with 100% full insert sequence accuracy. The service is highly customizable, accommodating a wide range of quantities (from 10µg to 2g) and quality, and manufacturing options (i.e., animal-free production), catering to the diverse needs of small research labs, large-scale biotech, and pharmaceutical companies, whether for basic research or animal studies.

Researchers can seamlessly transition from gene synthesis to constructing plasmid DNA through the GenSmart™ 2.0 platform, streamlining the process from sequence design to obtaining high-quality plasmid DNA constructs.

For cloning, there is flexibility to choose from different vector options, including GenScript Clone Vectors, Expression Vectors, or vectors of their own design, in addition to selecting restriction cloning or seamless cloning methods. Additionally, the online GenSmart™ Design DNA construct design tool is available to aid in the plasmid design process.

Each plasmid undergoes standard quality control testing, with the option for additional testing available upon request for specific sequences like AAV ITRs and IVT templates, crucial for downstream viral vector and mRNA production. The AAV ITR Guarantee service utilizes a Sanger-dependent ITR-specific sequencing method to ensure the integrity of AAV ITRs, while the Poly A Guarantee service confirms the Poly A tail on IVT templates is of the correct length. Poly A sequences are required for proper gene expression regulation, influencing mRNA stability and translation efficiency.

Plasmids are delivered with:

  • 4 μg of lyophilized plasmid (high-copy) containing your gene insert or 1 μg of lyophilized plasmid (low-copy) containing your gene insert
  • Sanger sequencing result covering your gene insert (electronic)
  • Construct map for the plasmid (electronic)
  • Certificate of analysis

GenScript offers comprehensive solutions, from gene sequence to plasmid DNA construct, through the user-friendly GenSmart™ portal, enabling researchers to advance their programs quickly and efficiently. With options like the rocket service for the fastest turnaround, premium service for popular demand, or basic service for the best value, researchers can determine the production time of their order to suit their timelines. GenScript’s gene synthesis and plasmid DNA preparation services deliver high-quality and reliable genetic constructs customized to researchers’ specific needs, helping to drive scientific advancements across the industry.


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