Key Considerations in Gene Therapy Manufacturing for Commercialization

Key Considerations in Gene Therapy Manufacturing for CommercializationThis eBook will focus on important discussions relating to gene therapy manufacturing, including the latest in manufacturing methods, analytical analysis and key regulatory considerations.

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Gene Therapy eBook 2020

With the help of experts sharing their perspectives, this eBook will look at the current state of the industry and how we can continue to advance these life-changing medicines for the benefit of patients. The key areas of discussion for commercializing gene therapies include manufacturing, analytics and regulatory requirements. There are certainly challenges to be overcome in these areas but there are emerging technologies under development and optimism in the field as we celebrate the successful gene therapy approvals in 2017. We sincerely hope the eBook serves as a good resource for those wishing to learn more about gene therapy, its manufacture, and commercialization.

Authors: Nina Forsberg, Clive Glover, PhD, Joseph V. Hughes, PhD, Pratik Jaluria, PhD, Debbie King, John Madsen, PhD, Alan Moore, Josefina Nilsson, Steve Pettit, PhD, Steven Pincus, PhD, Brandy Sargent, Chad Schwartz, PhD and Tracy L. TreDenick

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