Intellifuge – A Next Generation Rotor Calculator Provides Users with a Whole New Level of Functionality

Scientists often use rotor calculators when configuring centrifugation workflows to optimize their processes, develop protocols or to convert existing protocols to fit with their workflow. Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has offered a popular online rotor calculator for years to help scientists with these tasks. Now Beckman Coulter has launched a free, next generation rotor calculator tool, Intellifuge, which expands the functionality of traditional rotor calculators. Improving on their original calculator, Intellifuge was designed to help scientists calculate, convert and configure products with ease. It contains new tools for adapting published protocols, optimizing existing protocols or converting from one protocol to another.

Key Benefits of Intellifuge

Interactive, Easy to use Interface

Intellifuge allows users to calculate, convert and configure with just the click of a button. The intuitive, easy to use interface allows scientists to simplify the configuration process and protocol transfers (Figure 1). Intellifuge automatically calculates relative centrifugal field (RCF) units versus RPMs or vice versa. Users can also enter custom parameters for third-party tubes and rotors. Key Benefits of Intellifuge

Simplifies the Configuration Process and Protocol Transfers

Intellifuge was designed to run all the calculations needed to make a protocol change, which saves users time and eliminates the possibility of data entry errors when building a new configuration. It removes the need to search through catalogs to find the values and equations required for these calculations, which saves a great deal of time and frustration. Intellifuge automatically calculates rmin, rmax, RPM, average g-force, maximum g-force and k-factor based on the information that users enter, and provides specific recommendations for the most appropriate tubes, bottles and adapters to use with users’ specific hardware. After users have identified what they need for an existing or new protocol, Intellifuge makes it easy to move forward with the Buy Now and Request for Quote options. This allows users to easily access all the recommended products and bundle them together for a fast and easy online purchase or quote request. Simplifies the Configuration Process and Protocol Transfers

Enables Optimization of Processes and Workflows

Intellifuge streamlines optimization with its new Run Time tab that instantly gives users a dynamic comparison of values and calculations for multiple configurations, thus providing a way to see how specific changes will affect workflows in real time. It can also help identify specific instruments, rotor and/or tube combinations to make workflows most efficient. This allows users to explore alternative processes and products based on the needs of their lab (Figure 2). For example, users looking to scale up might discover the benefit of other rotor types, or discover a new tube type, tube volume or tube material that would be beneficial to their scaled up workflow. Enables Optimization of Processes and Workflows  

See all the cool features for yourself

To see Intellifuge in action, watch the video. Or to try out Intellifuge, please visit

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