Off the Shelf Optimized CHO Media and Feed

CHO media and feed strategies are critical in the creation of a biomanufacturing process that yields good productivity, hits tight project timelines and meets specified protein quality requirements. CHO media and feed development, including raw material sourcing, product timelines and impact of media on product characteristics present a complex problem that companies must address in order to move their process and product to commercial manufacturing.

CHO Media and Feed Development Challenges

The challenge of media and feed development is becoming even more complex as companies are focusing on the importance of getting product candidates into the clinic as quickly as possible. As a result, timelines have been further reduced and this doesn’t leave much room for lengthy media development projects. In addition, a good deal of emphasis is being placed on product quality, particularly since improved monitoring and more defined product characteristics have been developed. In the area of biosimilars, strict adherence to protein characteristic profiles is critical for regulatory approval. As a result of increasing requirements, media must now meet more taxing demands than just increasing titer.

Due to the challenges stated, some companies may opt to use pre-made “off the shelf” CHO media and feeds. One of the many advantages to this approach is that the formulation has undergone rigorous development and applications testing to confirm their utility. As such, there is much more confidence for the end-user to embrace these qualified media. Another advantage is that customers can perform minor modifications to the formulation, if needed, to better fit in with the specific needs of their CHO cell lines.

An Easy to Implement, Optimized Off-the-Shelf Solution

At BioProcess International West, Irvine Scientific launched its optimized CHO media feed product, BalanCD® CHO Feed 4 (Feed 4). Feed 4 is optimized to be coupled with BalanCD® CHO Growth A medium for intensified fed batch systems. When used together, these products are designed to provide a complete off-the-shelf solution for media and feed constructs. This said, Feed 4 can also be used to supplement an existing growth medium, as its versatility is not limited to being paired to a specific complementary formulation.

In the development of this product, Irvine Scientific has taken special care to ensure it is addressing the most current industry challenges. Beyond proving Feed 4 improves growth and productivity of CHO cells (Figure 1), attention was also given to ensure the media and feed system can meet required protein quality attributes by evaluating the quality of monoclonal antibodies produced for glycan profiles and ADCC activity.

Improve Productivity and Cell Growth Quickly and Easily

In order to meet pressing product production timelines and achieve top performance, high cell growth and titers must be reached. (Figure 1) According to data presented by Irvine Scientific, Feed 4 was compared with various feed media currently on the market. Feed 4 outperformed all the other feed media. Additional comparative studies were performed with Supplier B Feed. Batch culture shown as baseline.

Feed 4 outperformed all the other feed media. Additional comparative studies were performed with Supplier B Feed. Batch culture shown as baseline.

Save on Labor and Time

In addition to eliminating media and feed development time and cost, Irvine Scientific designed nutrient-rich Feed 4 with the goal of simplifying hydration of the powder medium. Feed 4 can be hydrated in a simple three-step, hydration protocol that requires no extraneous pH adjustments, thereby freeing up time and allowing customers to engage in other activities while the medium dissolves.

Reduce Regulatory Burdens

BalanCD media and feeds are all serum-free and chemically-defined, and are manufactured under cGMP conditions in dedicated animal-component-free facilities, which provide simplified downstream purification and a less complicated regulatory filing. Comprehensive documentation, including information from Supply Chain Management through to Drug Master Files, is also available to assist with regulatory submissions.

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