Partnerships and new product launches among recent trends in the single-use bioprocessing material industry

A guest blog by Pratik Kirve, Senior Content Writer, Allied Analytics LLP

Technological advancements have played a crucial role in the launch of new single-use bioprocessing consumables across the world. Market players have been launching new products to make single-use bioprocessing safer, easier, and more efficient than before. This has led to gain more market share by fulfilling the requirements of the market. Moreover, market players have adopted the strategy of partnership to gain easy access to the local market. This has enabled them to offer rapid delivery along with availing various benefits such as cost efficiency and security. Market players have been availing patents for their single-use bioprocessing products, which offers protection for their novel designs. the market for single-use bioprocessing material is booming across the world. According to the research firm Allied Market Research, the global single-use bioprocessing material market would reach $9.34 billion by 2023. Following are some of the activities taking place in the industry:

Partnership to fasten delivery along with enabling cost efficiency

Partnership is one of the most widely used strategies for expansion of business and gaining a strong position in the industry. GE Healthcare has joined hands with Wego Pharmaceutical Co. for producing single-use bioprocessing consumables at its facility in China. The financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed yet. The partnership would help in decreasing the delivery time for Chinese biopharmaceutical companies. Olivier Loeillot, general manager of BioProcess at GE Healthcare Life Sciences, outlined that local manufacturing would provide cost efficiency along with rapid lead times, security, and customer support. Wego will produce single-use consumables to support and complement different single-use solutions and hardware such as KUBio and Flexfactory.

The partnership also helps GE in increasing the access to the Chinese market along with supporting GE Healthcare’s ‘In-country, For-country’ initiative. This initiative aims for improvement of local innovation and developing products & technologies that cater to local needs. Loeillot stated that Wego is equipped with strong Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) processes and ISO13485 quality system. This provides a deep clean-room operation. Moreover, the firm has proven itself as an In-country, For-country provider along with forming a strong relationship with regulatory bodies. The firm is currently focused on the local Chinese market and plans to expand its distribution across the Asia-Pacific region.

New product offering to fulfill single-use needs of the market

New product launches enable market players to attract customers and gain more market share in the industry. Merck, a leading science & technology firm, has launched three new products for making single-use bioprocessing safer, easier, and more efficient. The products include Pellicon Capsule with Ultracel Membrane, Millipak Final Fill Filter, and Mobius® Power MIX. Andrew Bulpin, head of the Process Solutions business unit, Life Science, at Merck, stated that Merck’s bioprocessing innovations outline its commitment to the development of superior single-use technologies. These technologies would lead to the implementation of flexible manufacturing technologies across the globe.

Pellicon Capsule with Ultracel Membrane is a single-use tangential flow filtration capsule that can be used for monoclonal antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates. It offers user-friendly and fast processing of biologics. Merck’s Millipak Final Fill Filter is used for venting, sampling, and integrity testing to protect against microbial contamination and ensure the sterility of products. Mobius Power MIX 2,500-Litre and 3,000-Litre single-use mixers offer the ability to handle cell culture media powders, difficult-to-mix buffers, and other ingredients.

Another leading company has brought its innovative offerings to the market. Distek, Inc., a leading producer for laboratory testing instruments has received U.S. Patent 10,059,914 for its single-use bioreactor design. Distek’s bioprocessing product portfolio will include the BIOne single-use bioreactor. Jeff Watkins, Director of Engineering, Distek, Inc., stated that this patent would offer protection to its novel design. It will provide plug and play single-use bioreactor for the benchtop market. The BIOne, its patented and single-use bioreactor system, is equipped a disposable bioreactor that contains a stirrer and a headplate. Jeff Brinker, President of Distek, highlighted that its new patented product created a great excitement in the market by fulfilling essential customer requirements in terms of utilization of a single-use solution. The approval to this patent emphasizes on the commitment of Distek to offer innovative solutions for its customers in the biopharma industry.

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