Powerful Bioinformatics Tool for Codon Usage Patterns in Common Expression Host Organisms

In molecular biology and genetic engineering, deciphering the genetic code plays a central role in many groundbreaking scientific discoveries. The genetic code consists of 64 different codons but there are only 20 different amino acids commonly found in proteins. This degeneracy means that multiple codons can encode the same amino acid. But codon usage patterns in a genome can vary significantly among different eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms, leading to codon usage biases, where certain codons are favored over others. Understanding the relative frequency of occurrence of different codons for a particular organism allows researchers to gain crucial insights into gene expression, codon optimization, and evolutionary analysis.

GenScript’s Codon Usage Table offers researchers a powerful bioinformatics tool to explore and decipher codon usage patterns in number of common expression host organisms including Escherichia coli.


The Codon Usage Table allows researchers to identify the frequency of codon usage for a specific organism. This information is important as it can impact the expression, structure, and function of proteins. Codon usage has been shown to affect protein structure and function by influencing translation kinetics and protein folding during synthesis. In genetic engineering, codon optimization, which involves replacing codons with synonymous ones, is a crucial step when designing synthetic genes or modifying existing genes to enhance protein expression. By accurately quantifying and analyzing codon usage patterns, researchers can gain insights into the phylogenetic relationships between different organisms shedding light on the co-evolutionary dynamics between hosts and pathogens. Given these implications, the need for an accurate codon usage table like the GenScript Codon Usage Table is clear. The table can help inform can assist in critical decision-making across diverse areas of research.

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