In your description, you mention that Cell-Ess improves the consistency of glycosylation patterns. Have you seen this replicated and what kind of media are you adding your supplement to? I am just wondering about the consistency of the media and whether that would affect your results. Thanks


You ask an interesting question.  We did see the same effect of increased consistency in two different media bases when adding Cell-Ess.  Interestingly as you imply there were two different glycosylation patterns because the constituents in the base media were different but the increase in consistency of the glycoform patterns within each group remained the same.  We hypothesize that the effect would be similar throughout a variety of different media because the way Cell-Ess works is to improve the function of the Golgi and the ER which is one of the major drivers of glycan addition.  By improving the health of those organelles, the consistency will improve.

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