If you want to use this at your facility to test single use systems on site, how easy is it to use? How much training is required?


The Point-Of-Use variant of ATMI’s HIT system has been designed with ease of use foremost in mind. Before first use (i.e. during startup), and periodically thereafter, the system does have to be configured for the specific single-use assembly in question by an ATMI technician (a somewhat advance process involving recipe optimization and detector calibration). Once configured, operation from the end-user perspective is straight-forward; the user interface is strauight-forward, with a simple “start” button on the touch screen and a clear pass/fail indication at the conclusion of the test. The system software features multiple, password-controlled access levels to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing the more complex (calibration, service and diagnostic) functionality. ATMI would provide annual calibration service as well as determination of minimal detectable defect size for particular single use assembly.
Prospective customers are encouraged to visit ATMI for a hands-on demonstration of the HIT system, and assess for themselves how it can fit into their process operations.

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