I’m using different systems in my lab to manage specimen, reagents and files of results from experiments. what are the advantages for working with one system that does it all?


We had the same issue in the lab I worked at – protocols partly printed , others in a shared folder, results scattered on various computers.It was the responsibility of the students for managing it, but it was never easy – especially when you had to find a file (or a real sample) of someone that left the lab. This challenge was one of my main motivations for starting Biodata and working on Labguru – we literally solve this challenge – you can add all your results, files, spreadsheets, and easily connect them in a way logical for you and your team.
The fact that Labguru is online with advanced searching capabilities makes it much easier to manage and find samples and files in your lab.
There is an obvious long term advantage – but keep in mind that it will only work if people in the lab invest and make the effort to update their work and keep the system organized and up-to-date.

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