What impact does Cell-Ess have on glycosylation patterns? When added can your product affect fucosylation or galactosylation?


As mentioned, the approach with Cell-Ess is to target the physiological make-up of the ER and Golgi to effectively make them work more efficiently and function appropriately.  The hypothesis is if you are able to target the membrane constituents of the ER and Golgi, then there would be greater consistency and higher order glycoforms.  With the addition of Cell-Ess in two different media bases, we have seen increased consistency in the glycosylation pattern of monoclonal antibodies, suggesting that the Golgi is functioning more uniformly across groups to increase reproducibility.  Further, with the addition of Cell-Ess, we also observed increased galactosylation in two different base media, also suggesting more efficient Golgi.  The amount of glycoform G0F was decreased, masking the increase of fucosylation associated with higher order glycoforms, so the net result is a decrease in fucosylation.  In other work, we have shown a greater than 20% increase titer by increasing the amount of protein made per cell, which also points toward a more effective ER and Golgi.

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