I am interested in imaging the ALI epithelial cells at the lateral aspect, vs. a top view for immunofluorescence. Can you please advise how one would go about embedding and sectioning the cells/membrane (PET 0.4 um) for this application. A technical protocol would be greatly appreciated.


There are two histology methods that can be used for your purpose. One is paraffin sectioning,  and the other is cryosectioning. The choice of method depends largely on what equipment you have in your facility and what downstream experiments you want to to. The paraffin sections generate better samples for assessing morphology and are preferable if your  downstream assay involves HE and PAS staining. Cryosections, on the other hand, are preferable for downstream experiments such as immunofluorescence. Please contact our Product and Scientific Support department (techsupport@stemcell.com)  to request the specific protocol for your needs and equipment.

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