How is MaxCyte’s electroporation technology different from other electroporation instruments?


There are several key differences between MaxCyte technology and other electroporation instruments that have important roles during transient protein production. 1) MaxCyte systems generally have higher transfection efficiencies and cell viabilities compared to other electroporation-based systems. Even small changes to either of these parameters can have significant impacts on transient yields. 2) MaxCyte’s delivery platform has a much larger capacity to scale. The MaxCyte STX system can transfect up to 2e10 cells in a single run, while the MaxCyte VLX can further scale up to 2e11 cells in a single 30-minute run. 3) MaxCyte transfection systems can generate cGMP-grade materials and are the only electroporation-based instruments supported by an FDA Master File which can therefore support toxicology and clinical studies.

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