Are there some post transfection culture conditions that influence protein titers more than others?


Just as process development is critical for achieving maximum productivity from a stable cell line, optimization of culture conditions is very important to achieve high protein titers following transient transfection, regardless of the transfection method. Those conditions include the balance of nutrients with a good feed strategy and strict control of CO2, dissolved oxygen, pH and metabolites. Some chemical based transfection methods are impacted by media components, which may prevent use of optimal production conditions following transfection. It is also important to note that culture conditions are only one part of the equation. High titers can be achieved only if transfection efficiency and viability are both greater than 90%. Therefore, it is important to choose a transfection method that is amenable to many different culture conditions and that achieves high transfection efficiency and viability with a range of host cell lines.  We find that the high efficiency and viability of  MaxCyte Flow Electroporation™ Technology as well as its cell type and media flexibility are critical for enabling our users to maximize productivity.

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