I have been seeing articles on the use of supplements, peptones, etc. regulating glycosylation. Do you think it is better to start with a CD media or with a media that already contains some supplements? Why would these supplements be having an impact on glycosylation? Healthier cells?


The optimal way to start would be with a CD media and establish a baseline.  Once you have a baseline for your system, then CD supplements can be added individually to determine whether the profile changes.  If you are not able to change your profile with the CD supplements, then you can move to the cGMP non-CD supplements such as peptones.  If using peptones, you should try to find one with the most defined characteristics so you are able to reproduce your results.

Depending on the supplement, you can have a range of effects on your cells, from providing a broader base of sugar nucleotides to improving the function of the glycolytic enzymes.

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