We need to generate iPSCs from Type 1 diabetes patients then differentiate. How would this fit into your kit workflow?


STEMCELL Technologies has developed a comprehensive suite of tools to generate, characterize, expand and differentiate human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. The STEMdiff™ Pancreatic Progenitor Kit is the latest tool within this workflow that provides robust and reproducible differentiation across different human iPS cell lines. The kit has been validated in-house on three independent human iPS cell lines, each achieving average efficiencies of greater than 60%, as assessed by the percentage of cells co-expressing PDX-1 and NKX6.1 by flow cytometry. Uncovering changes in the developmental potential of diseased iPS cell lines requires a robust and reproducible differentiation protocol, such that observations made between the diseased cell lines and normal controls can be attributed to the disease state, rather than inconsistencies in the differentiation process. For this reason, the STEMdiff™ Pancreatic Progenitor Kit is an ideal tool for this workflow.

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