What cell types have you used your Cell ess with?


Cell Ess has been used with a variety of cell types. Cell Ess has been used in cell lines and primary cells. In cell lines Cell Ess has been used a549, HEK 293, VERO, CHOk1, and many other cancer cell lines both adherent and suspension type of cells. For cell lines there is a adaptation that is required and possible optimization required. For example there are some cancer models using cell lines that are hormonally dependent in those cases it may require the addition of the needed hormone like estrogen.

Cell Ess also works with primary cells. In the case of primary cells there is no need for adaption but there may still be the need for optimization based on the goals of the research. For example there are some cells that require the presence of TGF-b for their function. In those cases you would have to add exogenous TGF-b.

We designed Cell Ess to be used across many cell types for that reason there may be cell specific or lab specific optimization. Once the optimization is determined the results have been consistent and reproducible.

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