With titers at 3g/l or in most cases even better, we aren’t necessarily looking for improved titer. Are there other benefits to be gained?


This is great question. I will try to address this from 2 different perspectives.

The first way to think about a benefit is through logistics. When we have used Cell-Ess as a feed, we found the increased output occurred early. We reached the max yield of the control group 2 days earlier than in the control. In this case you could have the benefit of ending a run 2 days earlier.

The other half to consider is protein quality. Quality is measured through many assays. The quality of a protein is driven by the endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus. Cell-Ess may support better health of both of these organelles. We are currently running assays to access what, if any, are the effects of Cell Ess on protein quality.

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