Rethink T Cell Therapy with Lipid Nanoparticles

Gene-modified cell therapy has historically been achieved using viral vectors for ex vivo gene delivery, with approved drugs such as Kymriah® or Yescarta® demonstrating the success of autologous cell therapies. However, both safety concerns and the difficulty of working with viruses have led many to desire alternatives. Non-viral methods such as electroporation are being explored as alternatives, but electroporation can lead to low cell viability and is not straightforward to scale up.

Lipid Nanoparticles

Lipid nanoparticles (LNP) have been clinically validated to successfully deliver RNA, from the first approved siRNA-LNP Onpattro®, to mRNA-LNP COVID-19 vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech. RNA-LNP leverage existing endogenous cellular uptake pathways to enter the cells, making this technology a gentle method to introduce genetic materials.

GenVoy-ILM™ T Cell Kit for mRNA

Precision NanoSystems (PNI) has developed the GenVoy-ILM™ T Cell Kit for mRNA to deliver mRNA ex vivo into primary human T cells using LNP.  The GenVoy-ILM T Cell Kit for mRNA has been designed specifically for activated human primary T cells with minimal cell manipulation without the need to exchange media, leading to engineered T cells that are more viable, with a greater proportion of high and uniform protein expression. This kit also allows for easy tuning of the biological outcomes to achieve an ideal balance between protein expression and cell viability. The GenVoy-ILM T Cell Kit for mRNA can be used at various stages of cell therapy research and development from discovery to preclinical.

GenVoy-ILM T Cell Kit Is Available to Use on NanoAssemblr® Spark™ for Human Primary T Cells

The GenVoy-ILM T Cell Kit for mRNA works with NanoAssemblr Spark to enable a fast and easy process compatible with standard cell culture workflows. As part of PNI’s NanoAssemblr manufacturing platform, Spark utilizes NxGen™ microfluidic technology to ensure reproducible and robust LNP at ultra-low volumes. The ultra-low volumes and quick run times minimize the amount of material and time needed to form LNP making it a valuable tool for discovery and screening. The small footprint of Spark means it is easy to use in a biosafety cabinet for creating LNPs in a sterile environment while the simplicity minimalizes batch and user variability.

It takes less then 10 seconds to create a formulation by filling a Spark cartridge with reagents and then insert the cartridge into the Spark instrument. After a press of a button, RNA-LNP are formulated ready to treat cells.

A Simple Protocol with Great Results

The GenVoy-ILM T Cell Kit for mRNA on Spark offers a research use only lipid nanoparticle reagent mix to enable researchers to establish a clinically relevant method for ex vivo gene delivery to advance the development of T cell therapies. To see how the GenVoy-ILM T Cell Kit for mRNA can integrate into your workflow, check out the tutorial videos below:

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