Stay current on the latest industry developments while COVID-19 has us all stuck in place

Pre-COVID our lives were full of in-person trainings, seminars and industry conferences. Now, ten months into the pandemic with travel and in-person meetings eliminated or severely reduced, we are all looking to find ways to stay connected to industry developments and to hear information about new tools and technologies.

As a result of the lack of in-person events, several companies have created digital information hubs. These provide a wealth of information, including the posters and presentations that would have been presented at in-person events. Alternatively, now these resources are available in a digital hub environment. A digital hub permits the user to easily navigate to a specific type of content, i.e. posters or presentations or to different topics, i.e. upstream, downstream, gene therapy, etc.

One example of a digital information hub with an expansive choice of topics is Pall’s recently launched of digital hub for webinars, blogs, posters and presentations. They have created a hub for each type of content with the ability to sort by category, application, content type, and author/presenter.

Content categories include monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins, cell and gene therapy, and vaccines.

Recent hot topic content covers:

  • Process validation and process development services
  • Sterile filtration
  • Viral clearance
  • Purification
  • Formulation and aseptic filling
  • Continuous bioprocessing
  • Modular biomanufacturing

To learn more and access this digital content, please visit:

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