The Top 12 Cell Culture & Upstream Technologies

A guest blog by Caroline Hornby, Marketing Director, Terrapinn, Inc.

Cell culture processing first made its debut with the Polio vaccine in 1954. Since then the industry has been expanding and growing rapidly. In a matter of four years from 2002 to 2006 the mammalian cell capacity has significantly increased from 840 to 1970 in units of thousands of liters.

The efficiency of the upstream process has improved greatly in host cell line properties, cell line screening and growth rate.

Many experts in this field have high expectations for the industry to advance forward and devise more new and innovative approaches. We researched available technologies and chose to highlight these 12 based on their description in terms of efficiency, target, popularity and innovativeness.

Featured technologies include:

Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellance Internat

The Boehringer Ingelheim High Expression Technology (BI-HEX®) is an established high expression technology platform that facilitates fast-track development of high-quality, high-titer processes for production of biopharmaceuticals from mammalian cell cultures (CHO cells)

ATMI’s Xpansion™ bioreactor system

The Xpansion bioreactor is attached to a digital controller unit on a separate skid that includes all the necessary control and measurement hardware. It also incorporates a gassing system that is connected to gas supply lines that, in turn, are connected to the gas-in filter on the bioreactor. Air, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen options can be used to create the correct composition of gas for injection into the bioreactor

Dual cross-linked hydrogel system

The dual cross-linked hydrogel system is a three-dimensional checkerboard with alternating highly connected and less connected spaces within the hydrogel which enables the ability of adjusting the size of the micropattern.

GE Healthcare’s WAVE Bioreactor Systems

The WAVE Bioreactor instrument is an effective, cost-efficient device for cell culture. Culture medium and cells contact only a pre-sterile, disposable chamber that is positioned on a special rocking platform.

and more!

Download the report now to see which technologies made the list!

For more information on cell culture and upstream technologies, check out Cell Culture World Congress USA.

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