Video – Impact of Chemically Defined Media on Product Quality

Chemically defined media is used in many biomanufacturing operations. In this week’s Two Minute Tuesday video, Tom Fletcher, Director, Cell Culture R&D, Irvine Scientific is interviewed on his thoughts regarding the impact of chemically defined media on product quality. Mr. Fletcher shares his experience on using media components and varying concentrations to impact product quality, particularly post-translational modifications like glycosylation. He also shares that there is a balance between protein quality and quantity and that the goal is to find the optimum balance, so you have the highest quantity possible, while still maintaining the quality level.  For the full interview, please see the video below titled, “Impact of Chemically Defined Media on Product Quality an Expert Interview with Tom Fletcher.”

Also if you are interested in the relationship between media and glycosylation, don’t miss this week’s Ask the Expert session, “Media Optimization Can Improve Glycosylation Patterns and Consistency to Impact Protein Efficacy.”

The Keck Graduate Institute and WuXi Biologics have teamed together to provide technical training videos called Two Minute Tuesday videos for the bioprocessing industry.  They will deliver a new video topic every Tuesday that can quickly get you up-to-speed in understanding the complexities of biologics drug development and manufacturing. Save Save Save

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