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This week it is time for you to share your ideas for Ask the Expert topics. We want to hear what you want to see covered in future Ask the Expert sessions.

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Question 1

Suggested Ask the Expert Topic:

Statistical calculations of assay results - why isn't there more collaboration between statisticians and scientists so that the two groups can understand each other! Statisticians and software programmers write to their level of understanding. But scientists are their customers.

Question 2

Suggested Ask the Expert Topic:

How are single use bags' performance impacted by presence/absence of free cholesterol in the culture medium?

Question 3

Suggested Ask the Expert Topic:

Explain the differences between media classifications, i.e. xeno-free, serum-free, protein-free, animal-free, chemically-defined, etc and give examples. Very confusing as to what the specifications are for each.

Question 4

Suggested Ask the Expert Topic:

New developments in stem cell culture - media, equipment, etc.

Question 5

Suggested Ask the Expert Topic:

Enhancers for monoclonal antibodies and recombinant protein production.
As described by Allen et al. several enhancers for mAbs and recombinant proteins are available and they have been tested. I tried these enhancers and I got results cell line-dependents. I would like an insight on other possible enhancers with great care to monoclonal antibodies.

Allen MJ, Boyce JP, Trentalange MT, Treiber DL, Rasmussen B, Tillotson B,
Davis R, Reddy P. Identification of novel small molecule enhancers of protein
production by cultured mammalian cells. Biotechnol Bioeng. 2008 Aug
15;100(6):1193-204. doi: 10.1002/bit.21839. PubMed PMID: 18351681.

Question 6

Suggested Ask the Expert Topic:

Please tell the history and reasons behind our equipment. Why is a petri dish round while culture plates are square. When did the growth flask lay onto it's side. Who set the length of pipets. What characteristics should we look for in the plastics of our plasticware. How does the agitation reach all the corners of a bioreactor. Where were and where are the best ideas coming from? Is glass blowing still worth learning. And who was Petri?

Question 7

Suggested Ask the Expert Topic:

I'd like to see a session on optimizing media for cell culture. With some useful tips and tricks to achieving the best product yield.

Question 8

Suggested Ask the Expert Topic:

Advancements in downstream purification.

Question 9

Suggested Ask the Expert Topic:

I would like to see a session discussing the ways that cell physiology impacts CHO production, antibody titer and antibody quality.

Question 10

Suggested Ask the Expert Topic:

What should a company expect/implement in anticipation of a quality audit and tips on implementing QBD

Question 11

Suggested Ask the Expert Topic:

I would like a session on how to improve protein stability during manufacturing, especially for unstable proteins.

Question 12

Suggested Ask the Expert Topic:

How to optimize cell line development and banking. Are there ways to speed the seed train timeline to production. Improving the overall timeline would be good.

Question 13

Suggested Ask the Expert Topic:

I want to learn more about single-use, perfusion and any other flexible manufacturing strategies for viral vaccine production.

Question 14

Suggested Ask the Expert Topic:

Suggestions for improving the connection between upstream and downstream processes to help eliminate bottlenecks, quality issues, and improve the overall production flow.

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