Ask the Expert – The Role of Cell Line Authentication in Today’s Biomedical Research World

By on June 24, 2013
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The Role of Cell Line Authentication in Today’s Biomedical Research World

Inadvertent cell line contamination is a serious concern for many researchers. Failure to monitor cell lines for contamination may result in compromised data. Current estimates are that 18% to 36% of all active cell lines are either cross-contaminated or misidentified.1 This level of concern has led a number of journals to actively encourage cell line authentication prior to submission for publication. Cell line authentication testing is a good quality control step for any laboratory utilizing human cell lines and/or stem cell lines. If you want to set your research on a strong foundation, please join us for this week’s Ask the Expert – “The Role of Cell Line Authentication in Today’s Biomedical Research World,” and ask any questions you have about Cell Line Authentication.

Hosting this week’s session is Erin M. Hall, M.S., Director, Cell Line Authentication Services, Genetica DNA Laboratories, LabCorp Specialty Testing Group.

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  1. Hughes P, Marshall D, Reid Y, Parkes, Gelber C. The costs of using unauthenticated, over-passaged cell lines: how much more data do we need? BioTechniques. 2007; 43(5):575-584

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  1. Amresh

    15 March, 2014 at 12:41 PM

    When we constructing Delaunay Triangulation on cell and extract the following feature from histology image what their exactly relation to cell or tissue (i.e. what they quantifies)
    1. Average degree
    2. Isolated node number
    3. End node number
    4. Average clustering coefficient
    5. Average eccentricity
    6. Diameter
    7. Number of components
    8. Giant component ratio
    9. Average edge length
    10. Average triangle area

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