Linear Scalability of Virus Production in Integrity iCELLis Single-Use Fixed-Bed Bioreactors, From Bench Scale to Industrial Scale

By on June 5, 2013
Linear Scalability of Virus Production Bench to Industrial Scale

S. Knowles (, J.C. Drugmand, S. Dubois, Y. Dohogne, F. Debras, N. Havelange, J. Castillo


Over the past decade, single-use bioreactors have been developed and accepted for cGMP use in the biomanufacturing industry. Among
them is the Integrity® iCELLis® series of bioreactors from ATMI LifeSciences, were designed for adherent cell culture.

Adherent cell processes for production of biomolecules and viruses often involve 2-D vessels (e.g. roller bottles, Cell Stacks/Cell Factories, etc.)
requiring many manual operations and large areas of cleanroom space, or microcarrier cultures which require complex cell transfer steps and a
very high level of expertise. Some cell culture processes allowing continuous production by medium perfusion also use adherent cells retained in
a bioreactor while culture media is continuously perfused.

In order to maximize surface area within a compact space and retain cells for easy medium exchange, the iCELLis bioreactors contain macrocarriers
trapped in a fixed-bed providing a 3-D matrix for the cells to grow. These bioreactors also enable precise temperature, pH and dissolved
oxygen control which cannot be done in 2-D cultures.

The iCELLis technology can be used at small and large scales with straightforward process scale-up, easy single-use operations and minimal
space requirement.

Here we present a summary of adherent cell process developments in iCELLis bioreactors, including:

  • HEK 293 cell expansion for production of adenovirus
  • MVA virus production in CEF cells
  • Bovine Herpes Virus production in MDBK cells
  • Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus in A549 cells
  • Adenovirus production in A549 cells
  • Influenza virus production in Vero cells
  • Paramyxovirus production in Vero cells
  • Undisclosed lytic virus in Vero cells
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