Cool Tool – Cell Culture Basics Virtual Lab

By on December 14, 2016

I recently found a very cool tool for beginning cell culture scientists or scientists looking to verify their knowledge. It is called the Cell Culture Basics Virtual Lab. The virtual lab is part of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Gibco™ Education series.

The Cell Culture Basics virtual training lab is an introduction to cell culture, covering many topics including:

  • Basic principles of cell culture
  • Preparing a new cell culture
  • Performing a cell passage
  • Cryopreservation

The virtual lab is designed to allow you to practice several cell culture activities virtually. In my experimenting with the program, I was able to culture fibroblast cells. The program walked me through each step of the process and provided additional pop up information and quizzes to test what I had learned. At the completion of my successful culturing, I received a badge and had the opportunity to try a new task.


I think it is a fantastic opportunity for students, those new to cell culture, budding young scientists and those working in other lab departments to be able to practice and learn about the cell culture process. It also provides a good reminder of best practices.


The virtual lab has also been endorsed by ASCB (The American Association for Cell Biology).


In addition to the virtual lab, Thermo Fisher Scientific also has a number of cell culture basics videos that permit viewers to receive instruction on how to conduct several common cell culture tasks.


To try the virtual lab yourself, visit Cell Culture Basics Virtual Lab

To view the cell culture basics videos, see Cell Culture Basics Videos






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