Advanced Bioprocess Controller Puts Cell Culture on Autopilot

Bioprocess controllers are an important part of a bioprocess lab. In many bioprocess labs several experiments are running simultaneously sometimes using multiple cell types with different modes and at varying scale. A bioprocess controller can help to simplify these demands, provided that the controller isn’t overly complex or challenging to operate. The goal is finding a bioprocess controller that permits maximum flexibility while still being straightforward and simple to use.

Eppendorf is looking to make life easier for those working in bioprocessing labs by reducing training time and providing pre-set culture processes in the BioFlo® 120 bioprocess control station.

Key benefits of the BioFlo 120 bioprocess controller include:


The BioFlo 120 bioprocess controller is compatible with any cell type including mammalian, microbial, insect and fungi and can operate in multiple modes including batch, fed batch, perfusion and continuous. The control software provides automatic process control for some of the most common microbial (E. coli) and mammalian (Chinese Hamster Ovary, CHO) cultures. In addition, it can operate process development runs for cell and gene therapies.

Universal connections for digital Mettler Toledo® ISM® sensors or analog sensors provide the ability to monitor a variety of critical process parameters. There are also a number of user-defined dissolved oxygen cascades to provide process flexibility and automatic gas mixing algorithms for simplified control. Data can be accessed remotely using Eppendorf SCADA platforms, IP network, and remote monitoring capabilities


The provided auto culture controls permit the user to activate process control loop modes and setpoints with values that have been recommended by Eppendorf’s applications development team. This allows users who are less familiar with bioreactors and fermentors to achieve quick and easy initial culture success. More experienced users can use the auto culture modes as a starting point and from there can adjust any set point or mode of operation. These adjustments can then be saved as user-defined recipes in the auto culture library. The auto controls reduce training time and save considerable set up time as well.


Another key component in most bioprocess labs is the ability to scale experiments for scale up/scale down modeling. The BioFlo 120 bioprocess controller is scalable from seed to pilot scale cultures. It is compatible with Eppendorf’s BioBLU® single-use bioreactors, which range in size from 250 mL to 40 L, or can be used with standard industry glass autoclavable vessels.

To see a tutorial on how the BioFlo 120 operates, please see the video below:

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