Antibody Production-65% Outsource

Antibodies, both monoclonal and polyclonal, have become a vital aspect in modern medicine through immunoassays. They have enabled a diverse assortment of products, ranging from pregnancy kits to diagnostics for infectious diseases like HIV. There are significant opportunities in the research and diagnostic segments of the antibody production market, as evidenced by the large number of companies in this space (see antibody producer website).

A recent survey demonstrated the overwhelming numbers of how the research and diagnostic antibody market has evolved. 65%+ of antibody users purchase their antibodies from an outside supplier because of short timelines, cost efficiency and company focus, eliminating the need to optimize in-house antibody production systems. Companies have dedicated themselves to being antibody suppliers, optimizing small and large-scale antibody production systems in addition to custom antibody production systems to fit this high demand.

Concurrently, cell culture supplement companies have also recognized the growth in the research and diagnostic antibody market, developing media supplements and reagents that improve their antibody production systems. 70% of antibody producers use FBS to optimize their production system which can result in purification issues as well as substantial overhead. There has been a need for a defined, high performing and cost-effective product that optimizes the performance of antibody production systems. Supplements that provide ease of use, adaptability, simplified purification and definition, along with cost benefits are being recognized as the products of choice.

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