Brandy Sargent

As the editor and frequent author of The Cell Culture Dish, I strive to introduce topics that are interesting, thought-provoking, and possible starting points for discussion by the community. I have worked in the biotechnology industry for over ten years, first in corporate communications and public relations, then in technical sales and marketing, and most recently as a consultant. I was fascinated by the different applications of biotechnology when I first started working in the industry and continue to be fascinated as my experience and exposure has grown. I hope that I can share my enthusiasm with blog readers and invite you to share your expertise and experience so the community can thrive and these important applications of cell culture can deliver on their promise for biomedicine and human health.

Company: The Cell Culture Dish

Job Title: Editor in Chief

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Integrated Freezing Solutions to Minimize Risk and Preserve Product Quality

Much like monoclonal antibody manufacturing in the early 1980’s, cell and gene therapy manufacturing is constantly evolving with improved fit-for-purpose technologies being developed to meet expanding industry need. Despite smaller volumes, cell and gene therapy manufacturing is more complex and labor intense than protein-based biologics. Cell and gene therapy processing requires multiple steps and procedures including cell separation, concentration, washing and others. For a successful cell therapy to be produced, it is important to be able to conduct these activities as simply, safely and efficiently as possible....Continued

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