Ask The Expert – Plasmid DNA Production for Cell and Gene Therapy

High-quality plasmid DNA is a key component in cell and gene therapy manufacturing and as such is in high demand. This has led to the need to optimize manufacturing to meet the demand for volume as well as the quality required for use in the manufacture of therapeutics. Plasmid DNA (pDNA) manufacturing faces several challenges due to its large size, shear sensitivity, high viscosity, and the similarities between the pDNA and the impurities present during manufacturing. Thus, understanding all areas of the process are critical to successful manufacturing at a large scale.

With the high demand and quality requirements, it is important to seek out experts in the field who can illuminate the critical optimization opportunities for pDNA and answer questions about the production. For this Ask the Expert Session, we assembled a team of experts to answer questions on plasmid DNA production for cell and gene therapy applications.

Meet our Experts

Nargisse El-Hajjami, PhD, Associate Director, EMEA Segment Development for Cell and Gene Therapy

Molecular microbiologist and bioprocess expert with 10 years’ experience combining scientific research, process development, and biomanufacturing engineering. In her current role, Dr. Nargisse El Hajjami is focusing on cell and gene therapy business development by leading strategic initiatives, supporting go-to-market strategies, and supporting customers to build, grow and optimize their knowledge and manufacturing processes.


Laurens Vergauwen, Process Development Scientist

Laurens is a downstream processing expert supporting customers in the development and optimization of various downstream purification technologies (chromatography, TFF, clarification, sterile and viral filtration). Being able to work with different kinds of manufactures, Laurens Vergauwen has gained a strong knowledge about purification strategies for different kinds of biopharmaceuticals, including plasmid DNA. Laurens holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Biochemical Engineering from the University of Leuven (Belgium) and his main passion is sharing knowledge.

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