Clarification and Sterile Filtration of High Cell Density Cultures in One Step

Lab-scale cell removal for discovery and process development applications has traditionally been done by centrifuging the broth and then filtering the sample through a sterile filter unit. This has worked well, but cell densities have increased dramatically to boost productivity and this has created challenges in harvest. High cell density cultures require more time for centrifugation and typically multiple filters need to be used during sterile filtration due to clogging. The inefficiency in clarification and sterile filtration caused by high cell density cultures results in significantly longer filtration times, frequently over 60 minutes.

Sartoclear Dynamics® lab kits

To address this challenge, Sartorius has launched Sartoclear Dynamics® lab kits, which is a new one step method for harvesting high cell density mammalian cell cultures. This new technology was inspired by the plasma industry and is based on the principles of body feed filtration. As a result, the time-consuming centrifugation step can be completely eliminated and harvesting of 15 mL to 1,000 mL cultures can be completed in considerably less time without compromising target protein recovery or purity.

Perhaps the most attractive benefit of the Sartoclear Dynamics® lab kits is the timesavings. If you consider that using a centrifuge plus filtration units approach takes from 45 minutes to two hours to process 50-1,000 mL and the Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab V kit can process 1,000 mL in only 25 minutes, the decrease in process time is significant. When this reduced process time is multiplied across a months’ worth of harvests, the savings is even greater.

Sartoclear Dynamics® lab kits are available in two configurations designed to address different volumes:


Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab P15 Kit

The Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab P15 kit contains a 20 mL syringe pre-filled with a filter aid for clarification. The filter aid is made of highly pure diatomaceous earth (DE), an optimized grade for cell culture harvests, which is inert and insoluble. The kit also contains a 0.2 μm polyethersulfone filter for sterile filtration. The prefilter is made of 100% high-purity quartz and the large surface area of the filters enables high flow rates. The kit is designed for all cell densities with up to 20 x 106 cells/mL or higher. Transfer is simple with a filling tube included for recovery of sample from 50 mL Falcon tubes or ambr® 15 bioreactors.

Clarification and Sterile Filtration of High Cell Density Cultures in One Step
Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab V Kit

The Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab V kit contains gamma-sterilized pouches of filter aid filled with pre-wetted, sterile, endotoxin-free diatomaceous earth (DE) that has been optimized for cell culture harvests. It also contains vacuum filtration units in capacities ranging from 150 mL to 1,000 mL including receiver flasks with a 0.22 µm polyethersulfone membrane for sterile filtration. This ensures the fastest flow rates, low protein binding, and low extractables. Ten kits cover a range of sample volumes up to 1,000 mL with cell densities up to 20 x 106 cells/mL.

Easy to Use

Another benefit is that Sartoclear Dynamics® lab kits provide an out of the box solution that is easy to use. To see the Sartoclear Dynamics® lab kits in action, check out the tutorial videos below:

Lab P15 Kit

Lab V Kit


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