Creating the Perfect Scientific Poster

Everyone knows the challenges associated with creating a scientific poster that includes the most relevant data, is concise, and has a clear point. And as if that isn’t enough, the poster also needs to look good while doing it. We ask ourselves what will make our poster stand out against the rows and rows of other posters, how can I fit all my text into this small space and still allow people to read it without a magnifying glass. Oh yes and how am I supposed to effectively add images in an already crowded space.

Well, help has arrived – I recently discovered a helpful tool that identifies some key areas to consider when creating a scientific poster. In their Fall 2014 “Life in the Lab” issue, Life Technologies has created a how to guide, which walks through key areas like managing content, adding images, and design best practices. They also include a list of online tools that can be used in poster design.

Life in the Lab Poster Article

Another challenge of the poster creation process is the short life that posters often have. It is a disappointing fact that often, despite all the work that goes into creating a quality poster, after the conference it is rolled up and put in a closet somewhere, or worse, it doesn’t even make it back from the show. Please don’t let the hard work be limited to one showing. The Cell Culture Dish is happy to host posters in our Posters and Presentations section on the blog. Just email the abstract and a pdf of the poster to

Happy Presenting!

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